Naperville councilman “Not lovin’ it”

Imagine going to a movie and leaving 15 minutes before the movie ends, or attending a baseball game and leaving in the 8th inning, or reading a book and stopping before the last chapter. Seems a bit goofy doesn’t it. I mean why do any of those things if you don’t finish what you started; what’s the purpose.Well that’s similar to what Naperville city councilman Fieseler chose to do again during the July 17 city council meeting.

During the June 19 Naperville city council meeting, Hank Stillwell, an attorney working for McDonald’s made a presentation seeking council approval for a proposed McDonald’s restaurant on the southeast corner of Washington and Hillside just south of downtown Naperville. After considerable grand-standing by the entire city council, the vote to deny the request was unanimous. You would think that a unanimous vote would require far less time to discuss, but it doesn’t work that way with the Naperville city council.

Now comes the July 17 city council meeting and attorney Stillwell asked the council to shelve the issue until McDonald’s had time to address council concerns, and then, at a later date, present a more acceptable and palatable option to the council for consideration and approval. Sounds reasonable doesn’t it. Well not so with Naperville councilman Bob Fieseler. Watch and listen to Fieseler’s declaration saying in essence that reconsideration of the issue isn’t worth the time, and his mind is closed towards reaching an agreement.

What makes his close-minded position even more egregious is his comment during this video clip at the 0:50 mark when Fieseler states, “Unless they’re gonna like put in a little kiosk and work in a nice improvement into the river walk. I just don’t, I I can’t imagine and I and I , I don’t know what we’re doing here so I’m not gonna support it” Is it just me, or does it sound like Naperville councilman Bob Fieseler is only willing to open his mind and ears if McDonald’s throws in some dollars totally unrelated to the issue. Sounds a bit like Chicago politics doesn’t it. Some, possibly including former Govenors Blagoivich and Ryan, would say that Fieseler’s comment was bold, while many others would would say his comment was foolish, doltish, oafish, imbecilic, buffoonish, and Fieseler-like.

As it stands now, councilman Fieseler is ‘Not lovin’ it’ but if McDonald’s throws in some ‘Gold’in McNuggets, his ears might perk up.

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  1. BuckNaper

    As a businessman doing business in the city of Chicago, I’m all too familiar with the sound of a shakedown. Concilman Fieseler’s comments, in my opinion, have the same ring as the inspector who offers to “help you out” in return for “some consideration”. At least the shakedowns in Chicago happen in secluded locations, not boldly in the Council chamber!

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