The Forgotten Man

What happens at the Federal level happens at the State level, and it happens at the local level, including over spending, the expansion of government, and denying citizens the opportunity to determine what is best for themselves. The absolute classic example of this materialized in the NSGI (Naperville Smart Grid Initiative) which was partially funded by the DOE (Department of Energy). Simply stated the Federal Government in the form of the Department of Energy “bought” the Naperville city council via a grant to ‘force’ the citizens of Naperville to use what they don’t want, don’t need, and don’t understand…Smart Meters.

If the Naperville city council didn’t know what they were getting into, then they are at best naïve. If they did know, and did it anyway, then at worst it is shameful. Neither characterization of a governing local body is beneficial to the city of Naperville. It is time for a change in the local government of Naperville. Whether it comes in the form of new, fresh, vibrant council members with a strong bias towards effective leadership, or if it comes in a new form of government structure in Naperville, change is necessary for Naperville to be relevant in the future.

The Naperville city council took an oath to lead and work for the city and its residents.

The question is, ‘are they doing this?’

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  1. Jgalt

    Mr. Curran’s latest “news” or is it opinion piece (?) declares that the NSGI will lessen our “collective” environmental impact and allow “two-way communication between the customer and the utility. When a government employee starts talking about the “collective” anything we all need to hang on to our wallets. The political elites think it’s grand that they have set up our homes (without a vote nor consent and against our will) for “two way communications” with the utility. Who wants to continually “communicate” with the utlity? Instead of turning on our lights and electricity when we need it, and paying a bill at the end of the month, Mr. Curran considers “efficiency” to be collecting 24/7 all of our family energy data. The city must pay to store that data, write up toothless provacy and security “bills of rights, deciding to release that data mine to third parties (as law allows)having utility customers log on to “secure” websites, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars securing that data, having families continually analyze that data to save money by not using energy when they most need it (especially the homebound, sick, retired, young families) all in the name of efficiencies. Mr. Curran and the rest are all doing this based on a “global warming” hoax that is shifting billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to the well connected, crony big business and the global political elites. It is tying the hands of small business behind their backs, crushing them in the global economy. The only thing green about this scheme is the money it’s going to cost all of us “collectively” in energy, food, and retail.

  2. Hank R

    Mr. Curran, do you understand that the citizens of Naperville can actually walk and chew gum at the same time? The arrogance and conceit of Mr. Curran and his fellow elite cohorts in Council is palpable. The great citizens of Naperville somehow manage to pay their mortgages, property taxes, raise their children, send them to college, run their businesses and live their lives quite successfully without the assistance or more appropriately the interference of local government. We do not require nor desire the help of fools (useful idiots) who believe in the hoax of man-made global warming, now known as “climate change” (due to junk science and phony studies) to manage their lives, their homes, or their checkbooks. The citizens don’t require nor give their consent for you to put data collection devices on their homes for you, Mr. Curran to analyze, collect, share or advise them on how to manage their lives according to your, in my opinion, distorted world view. Mr. Curran and Council, get out of the way, keep the meddlling nose of government out of our lives and let the free market flourish. Tyranny of the “collective” has always failed causing misery for all.

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