Q and A with the Watchdog

Q. Is there anything good that you can say about the Naperville city council?  – Sherry A. from Naperville, Illinois

A. Yes. They have term limits.

Q. You ease up on Mayor Pradel. Is it because he is retiring after this term?  –  Drew G. from  Shannon, Ireland

A. It’s only because for the most part he has been a very good mayor for the city of Naperville. There may be a time in the not too distant future when we realize how good he was for Naperville. He has been the right person at the right time.  Sometimes we don’t know how good we’ve had it, until we no longer have it.  He may not be flashy and slick, but would we really want a flashy, slick mayor. I for one would not.

Q. Are you in favor of districts for Naperville?  –  David M. from Chicago, Illinois

A. No. I favor wards. Seriously, I favor district or ward representation, however the word ‘district’ is a bit confusing since it also applies to state level government. Of course, the word ‘ward’ can have a negative connotation as in Chicago. Most importantly, district representation gives voters a better chance of voting a weak council member off the dais.

Q. What is your issue with Bob Fieseler? He’s a nice person, but you continue to slam him at every opportunity. Why?  –  Kevin O. From  Naperville, Illinois

A. He probably is a very nice person but that’s not why we elect council members.  I wouldn’t say Bob is slammed; it’s more as if he continues to run full force into brick walls. One such wall is his ill-advised support of Smart Meters. He not only supports it, he is the point person for that fiasco. If you’re going to be the point person, then you will be the first one to slam into a wall. Bob has the right to remain silent; he just doesn’t have the ability to do it.

Q What is your biggest issue with certain council members that draws your ire?  –  Chuck W. from Iowa City, Iowa

A. Disrespect towards citizens. There is absolutely no need for it. The city council has all the power; ordinances, taxes, the gavel, police force, and the all-powerful three-minute clock during public forum. To disagree is healthy, to be disagreeable is not. Council members can disagree with residents, but at least do it in a manner that’s respectful. That’s nothing more than common courtesy and class.

Q. Are you a member of the Tea Party or the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group?  –  Bill R. from Woodridge, Illinois

A. No, however I am very sympathetic to their cause and share many of their viewpoints.

Q. You appear to be a solid supporter of republican State Senator Dan Duffy of Lake Barrington. Why?  –  Eric J. from Kenilworth, IL

A. I was raised in Barrington and have family, friends, and contacts that live in that area. He has been an outstanding leader, and has worked hard and smart, not only for his constituency but also for the citizens of Illinois. He was instrumental as the point person for Red Light Camera reform. He has been criticized locally here in Naperville for “his efforts in Springfield having had little to no effect on our state’s current financial condition.” That would be like criticizing Naperville council member Doug Krause for having ‘little to no effect’ for the curbing the Smart Meter fiasco. One person can only do so much on the local or state level, but both Duffy and Krause continue to fight for what is right for citizens.

Q. Considering Mayor Pradel is not running for re-election, whom are you leaning towards for the next Mayor of Naperville?  –  Karen J. from St. Charles, Illinois

A. No idea. It’s much too soon considering we don’t even know who is running for office. There are a couple of city council members who could nicely fill the position. However, I also look for a strong challenge from the outside, considering the strong vote in the last election for term limits and district representation. Add to this, the outrage citizens felt regarding the Smart Meter Referendum not being allowed on the ballot, and you have the perfect storm for a strong voter turnout supporting an ‘outsider’.

Q. Are you trying to be serious or funny in your postings?  –  Robert J. from Lyons, Illinois

A. Both. Serious things can have a funny side, and funny things can have a serious side.

Q. What three suggestions would you make to the city council to make situations better?  –  Don P. from Naperville, Illinois

A. 1) Have the courage to be honest with the voters.

2) Be respectful and courteous.

3) Lighten up a bit; show the personal side, add some humor, and humility.

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  1. spank me


    I was wondering, when you go to the council meetings and sit there waiting do you feel the IQ in the room signficiantly lowered each time a councilmen walks in ?

    I know Brodhead feels like she’s a council woman, but the name tag says councilmen. Want to make sure you don’t over look her in my question…

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