The busiest person in Naperville city government

The city of Naperville has slightly less than a thousand employees and a good number of those folks work at city hall. Have you ever pondered who is the busiest employee of them all? We asked this question to residents and the responses we received varied from ‘no one’ to ‘the guy who shreds papers that the city council doesn’t want anyone to see’.

That did not seem like a very accurate method to determine who this busy person was. We thought if we could find out who uses the most White Out and erasers, then we would know who it was. Again, nobody could provide that answer. We decided to see who’s office door looks as if it gets the most action. Upon a cursory observation, it appeared to be the door to the Naperville city attorney Margo Ely, and then it made perfect sense.

Consider for a moment the Maytag service person commercial, which implies that because Maytag products are made so good, the service rep is not busy. Therefore, the reverse holds true for the Naperville city attorney, she is so busy because those in decision-making positions (the city manager Doug Krieger, and the city council) keep her busy because of unwise decisions, poor judgment, and not paying attention to detail. It must drive her nuts.

Watch and listen to Naperville citizen Tom Glass from the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group as he address the Naperville city council during Public Forum and he alleges criminal activity by the city of Naperville government’s forced installation of Smart Meters upon citizen’s homes.
City attorney Margo Ely then responds to his comment.

It is obvious that attorney Ely is irritated at best and angry at worst. Is it any wonder why she should not be? It is her job to justify the unjustifiable. That has to get old after a while. How many ways does she have to defend the Naperville city council’s huge error in approving such a waste of money that has angered thousands of Naperville citizens?

Margo Ely is not only the busiest employee at city hall; she is also the ‘Most Valuable Player’ on the city’s team. She has to be in order to keep up with the problems thrown at her by the Naperville city council and city manager Doug Krieger. In fact, it would be beneficial to move the council member’s offices and Krieger’s office immediately next to hers and install a revolving door to her office.

Let’s be clear here, the city of Naperville is extremely fortunate to have her as the city attorney. She knows ‘her stuff’ and she is exceptionally good at what she does. I have spoken with her via telephone on a few occasions to get clarification on a topic, and she has been available to chat, highly informative, patient, and gracious. She knew nothing about me, other than I was a Naperville citizen with a question.

Watch and listen as Grant Wehrli refers to a 2% Fire Insurance Tax that the city levies ‘because it can’ and how the city attorney responds.

The interesting thing about this exchange is that Wehrli ‘tells it like it is’.
Just before Ely responds, she smiles (not seen on video) knowing he is correct, and tactfully answers. Neither one covers up the obvious, which is the city can tax because it can.

City attorney Margo Ely is paid in part to pay attention to detail, and she does this with proficiency. Now if the city council and Krieger could do the same, that revolving door to her office might not be necessary.

Watch and listen to council member Steve Chirico when he refers to Edward Hospital as ‘Edwards’ Hospital.

This may not seem important, however as a city council member, you should at least know the proper name of the only hospital in the city, and one of the top hospitals in the state. If you are going to make decisions that impact the hospital, at least have the respect to name it properly. I am sure the city attorney would appreciate that attention to detail, as would residents. If council member Steve Chirico does not see the need, then on the next ballot he could be listed as Steves Chiricos.

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