“Smart” Meters are Not Sexy!!!

“Smart” Meters are NOT sexy! When you get your letter from the city saying you don’t have a choice on what you put on your home send the attached letter as a “Valentine” to the city!  An attorney drafted this letter and I am sending it. I’m also putting Do NOT Install Smart Meter stickers on my analog meter and front door! We have the right to say NO!! Thousands of people around the country are coming together and standing up for their rights and are saying NO! As a result CA and ME have real “opt-outs” and are able to keep their analog meters. Michigan has 11 resolutions and 4 moratoriums. CA has 46 moratoriums against the installation of smart meters. Think back to all those dysfunctional relationships that we wish we had ended sooner… this one w/our utility needs a “Dear John” stat! Our constitutional rights protect us, even if the city is going to try and bully and intimidate us into thinking we have no rights. We have the right to say No! Good grief isn’t this what we’ve been breathing into our kids since birth? And now that middle school and high school is just around the corner all of us are saying it more regularly!!

Here’s why “smart” meters are NOT sexy:

1) They DON’T save money:

  • *IL, Atty. General, Lisa Madigan wrote an article titled “An experiment too expensive for consumers” She then states “Consumers don’t need to be forced to pay billions for so-called smart technology to know how to reduce their utility bills. How dumb do they think we are?”
  • *Atty. Gen. George Jepsen of CT: “The pilot results showed no beneficial impact on total energy usage.”

2) They’re NOT secure:

  • *GAO (Govt. Accountability Office) states: “Utilities are focusing on regulatory compliance instead of comprehensive security. The electricity industry does not have metrics for evaluating cyber-security.”
  • Pike Research: “end-to-end protection of private and commercial usage data is impossible.”

3) They’re NOT safe:

  • American Academy of Environmental Medicine: “The Board of the AAEM opposes the installation of wireless “smart meters” in homes and schools based on a scientific assessment of the current medical literature. Chronic exposure to wireless radio frequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard that is sufficiently well documented to warrant immediate preventative public health action.” (Jan. 19, 2012 statement found on www.aaemonline.org)
  • David Carpenter MD (Harvard trained) current Dir. Instit. for Health and the Environ. Univ. at Albany: “We rely on statistical significance and weight of evidence when drawing conclusions about health effects. There is conclusive scientific evidence for adverse health effects in humans. Clearly the answer is not to install wireless smart meters to begin with.”
  • WHO (World Health Org.): “Lyon France, May 31, 2011 The WHO/IARC has classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on the increased risk for glioma (malignant type of brain cancer), associated with wireless phone use.” This is the same frequency as “smart” meters. DDT and lead are also classified as Class 2B carcinogens. Would you use these in your home?
  1. Other Cities Saying No!:
    • (CA) 46 cities w/moratoriums against installation resulted in PG&E allowing residents to keep analog meters
    • (ME) legal action resulted in protecting resident’s rights to keep analog meters
    • (MI) 11 resolutions against smart meters, 4 moratoriums.
    • Around Country: 13 out of 17 states who have smart meters going in have grass roots org. pushing back and are saying NO to their utilities.

Let’s be the 3rd state in the country who is saying NO to being bullied, intimidated and frightened into accepting so called “smart” meters that don’t make sense!!! Maine and California did it, now we need some mid-west representation! Michigan is well on their way to getting protection on the law books, we can do it too!!!

They’re NOT sexy b/c they don’t save money, are not secure and are not safe for us, especially our kids! What’s smart about that? You can find out what else you can do at www.NapervilleSmartMeterAwareness.org under the “what you can do page.”

“In matters of style, swim with the current, in matters of principle stand like a rock!”

– Thomas Jefferson

Join us and take a stand: 1) say No to the installers when they come to your neighborhood

2) put Do Not Install stickers on analog meter and front door

3) call UPA and delay installation

4) file letter w/city. Together we will make a difference!


Contact the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group by visiting:


or email: NapervilleSmartMeters@yahoo.com

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