Pushing It To The Limit

The Smart Meter Awareness Group in Naperville calls on the city of Naperville to ‘come clean’ in its dealings with citizens specifically regarding a coordinated effort between city officials and a government contractor to stifle the voice of Naperville residents.  U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald recently advised Illinois citizens to either become part of the solution by speaking up, or part of the problem by remaining silent regarding political corruption in Illinois at both the state and local levels. At issue is the forced installation of Smart Meters on the homes and businesses of Naperville residents, and the fact that the city of Naperville denied the citizens of Naperville the opportunity to vote on a non-binding referendum though thousands of citizens signed a petition requesting a referendum to be placed on the March ballot.  As the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group points out, “the use of tax dollars for political advocacy and self-dealing should be a concern to every resident of Naperville”, and additionally to every citizen in Illinois, and our country.

Please note the press release dated January 27, 2012 on the following link:



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