Fieseler wants to vote like ex-council member Furstenau

You do not often hear someone say he wants to be like the Baltimore Raven field goal kicker who missed the tying field goal in the loss to the New England Patriots. Nor do you hear Illinois politicians say they want to be like  former governor Rod Blagojevich, or presidential candidates say they want to be like former President Jimmy Carter. If you did you would have to ask yourself, what in the world was that person thinking when he said that.

Yet that is the sentiment Naperville city council member Bob Fieseler expressed during the January 17 council meeting while the council was discussing and voting on the possible hiring of a new city employee to fill an open position. Watch and listen as council member Bob Fieseler says that in situations like this, he considers WWFD — What Would Furstenau Do?

He was referring to former council member Dick Furstenau who was soundly defeated in the last city council election. Fieseler said that Furstenau would have likely voted against the hiring of a new city employee, so he decided to vote against the hiring just as Furstenau would have done.

So let me get this straight; council member Bob Fieseler wants to vote the same as defeated and ex-council member Dick Furstenau would vote. Therefore, Fieseler wants to be like Furstenau, which in essence is voted out of office.  If that is the case, and apparently it is, there are at least 4,199 citizens of Naperville who would like to help Bob Fieseler achieve his goal of being voted out of office. These 4,199 citizens represent the number of citizens who signed a petition to get a Smart Meter non-binding referendum on the ballot and which the Naperville Electoral Board decided to deny those citizens the opportunity to vote.

Maybe council member Fieseler would serve himself better, and the citizens of Naperville if rather than wanting to emulate  ex-councilman Furstenau, he would look to his immediate left and vote like senior council member Doug Krause who is the longest tenured council member, and an advocate for the citizens of Naperville. You do not get to be a member of the Naperville city council for nearly a quarter of a century by disenfranchising the electorate and making foolish decisions. There is a reason why Dick Furstenau is an ex-council member, and that same reason applies to Bob Fieseler as he attempts to become an ex-council member. It finally sounds like the citizens of Naperville and council member Bob Fieseler have something on which to agree.

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  1. Geore W. Smith

    Dick Fursteneau was one of the best council members we ever had.

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