It’s time to crunch the monthly penalty punishment fee.

Just three nights ago, (Wednesday) baseball had what many consider the most exciting evening of baseball ever. The entire regular season came down to crunch time; two games were decided in the final three minutes when Boston lost to Baltimore, while Tampa Bay bested the New York Yankees.  That’s saying a lot since they have been playing baseball for over 130 years and more than 200,000 games have been played.

This coming Tuesday night (October 4 at 7pm) it’s crunch time again, except this time the crunching will occur during the city council meeting at City Hall (400 S. Eagle St. in Naperville). This is when a council meeting agenda item will focus on the $24.95/month penalty (punishment) for a “work around” “smart” meter.

Over the last many months, more citizens have spoken to oppose the installation of smart meters, than have been in favor of the installation. As more and more citizens learn more and more about the “not-so” smart meters the greater the opposition has become. Theoretically, if 50,004 people opposed the meters (or penalty fees) and five were in favor of installing the meters, or punishment fees, they would be installed against the will of the majority and penalty fees would apply. The reason being that all the council needs are five votes of nine to approve it. And from the moment the city council did a money grab from the Department of Energy to finance half the expense of the ‘smart’ meter project, 8 members (not including Doug Krause) of the city council have been close-minded and in a frantic rush to push the project through. This is a further validation how eight seemingly rational council members can become mere puppets of the Federal Government when the puppet strings are made of dollars. Naperville city council’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” is called “Dancing for Dollars”, and wow can they dance. City manager Doug Krieger and council members Fieseler, Wehrli and Brodhead provide some of the ‘finer’ dance moves.

We encourage you to attend the meeting to let your presence be seen, and your words be heard. As you enter city hall, if you should hear the sound of tap-dancing shoes moving fast and loud, you will know that city manager Krieger and councilman Fieseler are in the building.

For more information on ‘smart’ meters, you can refer to the links below.

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  1. Sandy Glass

    The Council has chosen to gamble all of our children’s health by doing this project cheaply rather than safely. A wireless mesh network is being applied to our entire city, exposing all of our unborn, infants, children and elderly to RF emissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Meters are being located near their bedrooms, family rooms, play areas, and in their schools and near all parks and churches. Our children’s brains and bodies will have no downtime to rejuvenate their delicate cells from this constant bombardment. The city, per FOIA, relied on no studies regarding the chronic and long term effects of this network on unborn, infants and children because there are none. This technology is too new for them to be completed. However, doctors and researchers around the globe are warning that there may disastrous health consequences to “the wired child.”. But there is a safer choice. The council can have these meters hard wired, for the safety of all they don’t have to gamble the health of our children. If they mandate this possible reckless installation, and worse, impose draconian, discriminating, economically punitive monthly service charges on families that wish to protect their families the legal consequences will be severe. Imagine that Naperville’s brain tumor, cancer, birth defect or learning deficits starts to climb. Imagine if the research begins to demonstrate that chronic, long term exposure increases the rate of these problems. Imagine if harmful effects of the smart meters correlates to these meters being placed close to childrens bedrooms or play areas. Parents will ask the Council, “Why? You could have hardwired smart meters in avoiding our families used as guinea pigs.” What is the rush, Council? There is an alternative available, hardwire in the meters.

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