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With the departure of two Naperville city council members at the last election, you would think there would be much less to write about and talk about,  considering that those two council members were lightening rods in the ‘How not to do it manual’ for new council members. However, the exact opposite is true. In fact, it is like a three-ring circus.

The Naperville Smart Grid Initiative and specifically the not-so smart meters continue to take center stage for topics. You have three groups; 1) the city council along with the government-trained lobbyist ambassadors, 2) the knowledgeable and numerous Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group who oppose the bulldozing efforts of city council’s bullying, and 3) those who have no idea the NSGI will be imposed upon their daily lives in a negative manner.

On one side stage, the Naperville city council is dilly-dallying around with implementing term limits and creating districts for representation. In fact, it appears the Naperville city council wants to make a mockery of the citizens vote to approve the referendum in last year’s election by directing the city’s legal department to find a way to wiggle out of the binding referendum; in other words undo the election results. Let’s face it folks, even the Chicago city council does not resort to this despicable ploy. Look at the article from the Chicago Trib local:

Trib Local – Council Member Looks For Ways To Reverse Referendum Results

The other side stage is a potpourri of decisions gone badly, and ‘money grabs’ by the Naperville city council from the Dupage and Will County state’s attorney’s offices. The city council voted unanimously and without comment to do away with a public intoxication ordinance; obviously an ordinance written incorrectly by the city’s legal department, and approved incorrectly by the Naperville city council. This comes during the same week that the Naperville police responded to four reports of fighting at downtown Naperville bars on one night, which was reported as ‘not out of the ordinary.’

The city council also voted unanimously and more importantly without discussion to adopt an ordinance making the city’s legal department responsible for prosecuting cases of theft involving less than $500. What this means is that the city of Naperville, rather than Will County and Dupage County, will be getting the dollars from the fines assessed. This is not about law or justice; it’s about a ‘money grab’ by the city council. This reminds me of the Naperville city council doing a ‘money grab’ from the Department of Energy so they can inflict ‘not-so smart meters’ on the citizenry of Naperville.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a video worth? Look at this video with former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams who is running for congress on an anti-government platform (including local government).  He is exactly like a citizen of Naperville trying to address or deal with the Naperville city council…the members of the Naperville city council simply do not listen.

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