Naperville city council looking for handouts

Naperville is a city of entitlement. The very thing that has caused so much misery to so many is the very thing that the Naperville city council seeks… unhealthy dependence upon the Federal government. In a sense, the Naperville city council is a panel of puppets with strings controlled by Federal agencies such has the Department of Energy and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) among others.

Watch and listen to this fascinating exchange between members of the Naperville city council and City Manager Doug Krieger as they discuss the hiring of a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) administrator. If you look closely, you can almost see the Federal government entitlement-puppet-strings attached to City Manager Doug Krieger as if they were a badge of honor as he explains why the city needs to dance to the Fed’s music. Council member Doug Krause asks a great question to the city manager which he can’t answer (How much is this consultant going to cost us?). Council member Grant Wehrli follows with an excellent observation in the form of a question implying the absurdity of the situation. Council member Joe McElroy adds his gift of saying so much in so few words, by ‘telling it like it is’. Finally, city manager Doug Krieger admits Naperville is a city of entitlement.

Nowhere is it more evident that the Naperville city council is a city of entitlement than in the ongoing failure of the Naperville Smart Grid Initiative. The Naperville city council has made a colossal error in judgment by buying into the ill-conceived entitlement grab from the Department of Energy. In the council’s rush to grab money from the Federal government they lost all better judgment and common sense. Here is what we know for sure:

  • Other cities have said ‘no’ to the Smart Grid Initiative.
  • Cities that said ‘yes’ have changed to ‘no’ to a Smart Grid Initiative. They realized the folly of their thinking and wisely changed their mind.
  • The city of Naperville is swimming in debt; why take on more debt.
  • We do not have the money to waste on this needless unproven technology.
  • The first light bulb cost more than today’s light bulb. The same holds true for the smart grid technology. Why pay more now, than less later.
  • Naperville citizens are now burdened for millions of dollars of additional debt for this NSGI fiasco.
  • What we have now is working with more than 99% efficiency; why fix what isn’t broken?
  • The World Health Organization does not endorse the safety of the Smart Grid.
  • The Smart Grid has not yet proven to be safe
  • We can already monitor our own use of energy; we do not need the Naperville city council doing that for us. It’s known as the on/off switch.
  • The Naperville city council says our privacy is protected. Hackers have proven otherwise elsewhere including the hacking of CIA and FBI. The edge goes to the hackers on this one. The citizens of Naperville lose.
  • City government leaders have said ‘the system is secure’. That’s reassuring.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • The city said it would have contractual problems if it pulled out of the project. That is like a surgeon saying to a healthy patient “I’m already here, so let’s proceed with dangerous and needless surgery.

The apparent point-person for this huge Naperville Smart Grid Initiative mess is council member Bob Fieseler. If there ever was a Naperville city council member ‘appendix’, Bob Fieseler is that person. Just like an appendix, we are not sure what it’s good for, and why it’s there, but when it goes bad, it really goes bad.

There is a form of entitlement that the citizens of Naperville need. They are entitled to have representation in the form of strong leadership from each and every member of the Naperville city council. Naperville citizens are entitled to a city council that spends tax dollars wisely, bases decisions on what is best for its constituency, and demonstrates wisdom and accountability. When there is a weak link on the city council, it needs to be removed just as a bad appendix. The citizens of Naperville can perform surgery at election time.

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  1. Fedup & Disenfranchised

    Regarding the NSGI, what kind of city leadership is this that:

    – Puts $$ contracts above the health and safety of its residents, including its precious

    – Subjects citizens (including children) to being guinea pigs in a giant experiment without
    their consent (such as the people in the Pilot study going on now);

    – Ignores the possibly devastating effects to the disabled in this town;

    – Doesn’t listen to the warnings of independent scientific experts with decades of
    experience in their field;

    – Installs electrical devices that have not been specifically safety tested and not UL certified
    for safety, which have been known to cause fires and property damage, and interfere with
    electric medical implant devices;

    – Burdens taxpayers with outrageous amounts of unnecessary debt;

    – Asserts that elections of individuals are somehow equivalent to a proper referendum
    about a specific issue (like we have had in the past for the schools, etc.);

    – Attempts to extort money from people who do not want their home contaminated 24/7 with
    a World Health Organization category 2B carcinogen (same category as DDT, chloroform,
    lead, nitrobenzene, methylmercury, Toluene diisocyanate, chlordane, etc.);

    – Subjects people to being monitored illegally in their own homes and having their personal
    information and living patterns put on an impossible-to-secure system.

    Is this NAPERVILLE???

    Naperville used to be a sought-after town with many fine attributes, but this greatly overshadows all of them. My family’s safety comes first, as I suspect it does for most people. If the city goes through with this plan, they leave us little choice but to move.

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